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Mindfulness Zoom Classes For Kids – 3 x 45 min. sessions

$195.00 $149.00

In these 3 online classes we will learn to build resilience and to self-regulate feelings and emotions using simple and engaging mindfulness activities.
In these 3 x 45 minutes sessions, children will be encouraged to establish a habit of taking regular 'brain-breaks' throughout the day to refresh and recharge, cultivate relationship with nature and using different techniques to shift attention when going into unhelpful thinking, worrying and stress.

Some of the things we will cover in these sessions:
> Understanding brain function -The Brain House – Who Lives Upstairs, who lives downstairs?
> The Feeling Wheel
> Inner Weather Map
> Keeping an Observation Journal
> Simple & Fun Activities to calm the mind and strengthen the 'attention muscle'.
> Cultivating Emotional Intelligence
> Developing awareness of thoughts and feelings
> Expanding vocabulary of emotions and feelings -learning feeling words.
> Recognising unhelpful thoughts and feelings and how to shift attention.
> Empathy and kindness towards others and self
> Relationship: connecting with others and the world around us.
> Strategies to self-regulate

The Teacher Rita Riccola is a registered educator and mindfulness trainer with over 25 years experience. Rita has been teaching mindfulness classes in schools and workshops for teachers in schools across New Zealand and Australia for the last 7 years. She has also run a pilot project of after school mindfulness classes at the Grey Lynn Community Centre (for children and parents).

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