MINDFUL PARENTING – 3 hours training. Give you children the bst opporunity to develop attention skills – one of the greatest predictions for life success. Contact us for this 3 days training in Auckland this month.

Mindful NZ Schools Programmes



Mindfulness Facilitator Training Programme for those who want to learn how to establish an ongoing Mindfulness practice for themselves and guide their students to learn the breathing, listening, body scanning and other activities to internalise the Mindfulness practices.

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Each week we look closely at emotions, thinking, impulse control, liking and disliking, inter-connectivity as well as doing regular Mindfulness practices; breathing, listening, body scanning and other activities.
Research shows that an 8 week period is sufficient time to internalise the Mindfulness practices.

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1 Hour Introductory Mindfulness Teacher Training Presentation

Designed to introduce Mindfulness across the school for all teachers as PD with the aim of reducing stress and anxiety. In addition, teachers will learn simple techniques to demonstrate to students the purpose and function of Mindfulness that will help them internalise the process.

Teachers will be shown the breathing, listening, body scanning techniques.

School presentations are available outside Auckland (travel cost additional)

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4 week Youth Mindfulness Course

This four week course for teenagers and youth aims to create mental and emotional resilience to deal with the increased pressures, demands and changes experienced by young people. These timeless, self-managing techniques have an enormous amount of evidence-based research that confirms when practiced for as little as 20 minutes a day can; reduce anxiety and worry, increase mental clarity, focus and attention, improve memory, overall improve mental balance and physical well-being. The practices are easy to do!

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After School Mindfulness Classes

At the Mindfulness for Children classes we learn how to pay attention using fun and easy to follow exercises that children of all ages can understand and enjoy. The classes are approximately 30 minutes and parents are welcome for free. Here are some of the things we do:

Breathing techniques
Listening exercises
Body scanning
Mindful body practices

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Half day Mindfulness Training

Half day Mindfulness Training Workshop for teachers, counselors, social workers, parents and anyone who wants to learn how to establish an ongoing Mindfulness practice for themselves, their students and children

There is a great need for teachers and parents who can guide students towards experiencing Mindfulness and to establish the practices themselves.

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Download The Mindfulness Introduction E-book in PDF format for Free

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“Rita is a fabulous facilitator – she made us feel extremely comfortable, was open minded and encouraged us all to share from our diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. I came away with many very practical, easy to use exercises that I have since been using with with my classes of various ages. Thank you Rita for gifting me such a wonderful and enjoyable afternoon of learning”.
Louise Dore, Auckland

“Teaching Mindfulness to school children is fast growing momentum as the benefits become evident. Mindfulness has great potential as a key strategy for a positively impacting on the learning and wellbeing of children and young people in education settings.”New Zealand Mental Health Foundation

“Suspensions at our school dropped from 14 last year to 6 this year. We attribute this to the mindfulness programme.”

“I had dreaded this would be my last year teaching until the Mindfulness programme began at my school. Now I am Re-dedicated to my profession.”Quotes from educators

“The thing is with mindfulness is that when you are going to do something bad, you know it and you can stop.”

“I like mindfulness because it helps me feel better and teaches me to concentrate.”

“When my sister gets on my nerves, I tell her to leave me alone so I can take a deep breath. I always use the technique whenever I am mad.”

Quotes from children